NumbersUSA began a seven-figure, 10-state ad buy today that asks viewers whether Americans or “new immigrants” should get new jobs.

The 30-second ad, running in states with competitive U.S. Senate races, says immigrants are finding work while longtime citizens or legal immigrants struggle to get jobs.

“Should the jobs go to millions of Americans and legal immigrants already here still looking for work?” a female narrator asks, as dark music plays. “What do your senators think?”

The spot from Numbers USA, a nonpartisan group that advocates a reduction in immigration and strict enforcement of related laws, claims that nearly all new jobs since 2000 have gone to “immigrant workers.”

“The ad refers to new legal immigrants competing for jobs with Americans and legal immigrants who are already here,” a spokeswoman said.

The ad is running in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

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