Filmmaker Michael Moore has been entangled in a messy divorce for some time, and some of the findings revealed as a result of the divorce proceedings have shed light on the fact that Moore is not a “99 percenter.”

That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though. He’s been among the “1 percent” for quite some time as a fairly successful filmmaker, creating lefty fan favorites such as Fahrenheit 9/11. And in his more recent film, Capitalism: A Love Story, Moore criticizes capitalism even though, thanks to capitalism, the film grossed over $17 million worldwide.

This “average Joe” has a net worth of $50 million. And as details have emerged, it has also become known that Moore and his ex-wife owned nine properties in New York and in his home state of Michigan, the prized property being a 10,000-square-foot, $2 million mansion on Torch Lake in Michigan.

Moore shouldn’t be condemned for owning big, expensive houses or for using his creativity to make lots of money by producing movies (albeit, movies that aren’t always factually accurate or based on reality). He should be praised for being an entrepreneur and a job creator. Just think of how many people were employed to build and maintain his houses and properties. And creating a movie is no small feat: Many are employed to produce, market, and distribute a film. Moore is actually a capitalist, whether he realizes it or not. He has created products that some people value and profits were bound to head in his direction.

The free market has not only helped Moore prosper; it has lifted millions out of poverty in America and throughout the world. It has raised the standard of living and spurred greater ingenuity and human flourishing. Moore should simply embrace the true benefits of capitalism—not only for himself but for everyone else, too.