Charles Krauthammer characterized attempts to reduce carbon emissions in the United States as “economic suicide” in a Fox News appearance last night.

“If we could have a pact with other countries, in which everyone would reduce their emissions, I would sign on,” Krauthammer said on Fox News’ “Special Report.”  “In the absence of it, all that we’re doing is committing economic suicide in the name of do-goodism that will not do one iota of good.”

“As we dismantle the coal plants in our country, China and India together are adding one coal-fired plant every week,” Krauthammer said.

America is shifting the coal industry and its emissions to China and India with no effect, “because we don’t control the emissions of the other 96 percent of humanity.” He noted:

Any scientific theory that explains everything explains nothing, and no matter what happens in climate that’s unpleasant, it’s attributed to global warming.”