Yesterday, CNN “Crossfire” host SE Cupp called attention to ways in which Democrats apply double standards to the brains and beauty of candidates running for high office. Cupp noted that liberals were upset with Republicans for being too hard on Hillary Clinton, who is expected to run for President in 2016, because she was a woman.

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus said he would be “very aggressive” on Clinton on issues like Benghazi and Obamacare — a phrase that ruffled some feathers.

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“So, Democrats can call Chris Christie fat, George Bush Hitler, Sarah Palin Caribou Barbie, Michele Bachmann crazy, Tim Scott a dummy and Nikki Haley the Seik Jesus – but calling Hillary ruthless?” Cupp remarked sarcastically. “Now, that’s a step too far.”

Cupp’s remarks come days after she appeared on The Foundry’s panel entitled, “The Vanity Factor: How Did Politics Become So Shallow?”

On Tuesday, Cupp and fellow panelists Keli Goff of The Daily Beast, Eddie Scarry of The Blaze and Nikki Schwab of The Washington Examiner discussed the nature of a 24-hour news cycle that is often caught up in superficial factors  such as weight and beauty.

At the event, Cupp pointed out that being “too good looking” can actually be a negative for many politicians because they may not be taken as seriously.

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