Popular conservative talk-show host Sean Hannity vowed to leave New York after Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comments deriding “extreme conservatives.” Now, the Fox News host and radio talker says a move to Texas or Florida could open the door to a run for political office.

“The answer is yes, I’d think about it,” Hannity said during a segment where he answered viewer questions. He added, “It would either be in Texas or Florida.”

Hannity said there’s no firm timetable to leave New York, but Cuomo’s comments — and a combination of other factors, including high taxes — have sparked his desire to relocate to Texas or Florida.

The Tax Foundation ranked New York dead last on its index of 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index, a measure of states’ tax systems. Florida was No. 5 and Texas was No. 11.

The Mercatus Center’s Freedom in the 50 States also puts New York at the bottom of its list examining personal and economic freedoms. On that list, Texas is ranked No. 14 and Florida comes in at No. 23.

Hannity will get an up-close look at Congress next Tuesday when he joins Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) as a guest at the State of the Union, the Dallas Morning News reports. In the segment, Hannity did not specify what political office he might seek in the future.