With tensions between GOP establishment and conservative groups reaching a fevered pitch, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) outlined a plan he believes would unite Republicans and the grassroots.

“That toxicity could become paralyzing if we allow it to be. That’s why we need a conservative reform agenda,” Lee told a full auditorium at The Heritage Foundation.

Lee said a reform agenda would need to be:

  • Comprehensive and willing to tackle defense, fiscal and social issues that are affected by federal policies
  • Unapologetically conservative
  • Able to limit the size, scope, and cost of government while upholding the Constitution

“This reform also must speak directly to the greatest challenge we face today, which is America’s opportunity crisis,” Lee said.

Conservatives argue that opportunity crisis has permeated in trapping poor Americans through federal disincentives to succeed, keeping the middle class insecure through excessive taxation and regulations, and propping up cronyism through select federal subsidies and regulations.

“A conservative agenda would tackle these problems head on,” Lee asserted, urging the public to submit ideas and get engaged.

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