There was one clear loser on Election Day: Obamacare.

President Obama’s unfair, unaffordable, and unworkable law is a disaster for America. And a majority of voters in New Jersey and Virginia agree.

Both states held gubernatorial elections Tuesday. According to exit polls from CNN, voters who showed up don’t like Obamacare.

In New Jersey, where Republican Governor Chris Christie cruised to reelection, 50 percent of voters said they oppose the law, and among them, 34 percent said they strongly oppose Obamacare — significantly higher than the 23 percent who strongly support it.

In Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli. According to CNN’s exit poll, 53 percent of voters oppose Obamacare. The intensity of the opposition is high; 41 percent said they strongly oppose the law, while 27% strongly support it.

Politico summed up the Virginia race this way: “Obamacare almost killed McAuliffe.”

The main news stories of the last two weeks of the race were about the botched rollout of the health exchanges and troubling revelations about people getting kicked off their health plans.

Cuccinelli called the off-year election a referendum on Obamacare at every stop during the final days.

“Despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of Obamacare,” Cuccinelli said in his concession speech Tuesday night.

When President Barack Obama crossed the Potomac for McAuliffe on Sunday, he glaringly avoided even mentioning his signature accomplishment — trying instead to link Cuccinelli with the federal government shutdown.

Voters in New Jersey and Virginia aren’t alone. A majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare. It’s time for patient-centered, market-based reforms that better serve Americans.

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