2009: “There is nothing in the House or Senate bills that will enable Americans to have the kind of cost control that the President is promising,” said Robert Moffit, PhD, on “Hannity” before Obamacare became law.

Regardless of such warnings, Obamacare was passed, and now the full effect of the law’s onerous provisions is becoming a harsh reality for Americans. This week, Fox News is showing clips of experts predicting the problems of Obamacare that are now coming true.

Moffit, a Senior Fellow for Health Policy Studies at Heritage, said that there was no way health care costs were going to go down.

“No matter how you look at this, health care costs both for individuals and for the country as a whole are going to increase.”

There are many reasons for this, as Moffit mentioned—namely, 18 new tax hikes, $1.8 trillion in new healthcare entitlement spending, and new benefit mandates.

Heritage predicted these higher costs back then, and now our Center for Data Analysis has modeled what the average premium increase will be in the states. Click here for the chart.

To hear examples of people whose health care costs are increasing, read Obamacare Hiked My Insurance.