Americans are already feeling the impact of Obamacare. Some are being forced to find new insurance plans and new doctors, or can’t afford the higher premium costs. Others are losing hours at work because employers can’t afford to provide the government-approved health care.

Despite the evidence, President Obama has chosen to ignore the American people and their concerns.

But we know these problems are real and we’re listening. It’s crucial every American understands the future of health care under Obamacare. That’s why we continue to ask you to share how Obamacare has affected you.

We’ve compiled a few of your stories into video clips on our Instagram channel to help us get the word out. You’ll see very different people — business owners, students, doctors, sick patients — with one unified message: Obamacare must be stopped.

If you aren’t following us on Instagram, we’ve included some of the clips below.

Are you worried about Obamacare? Tell us why in the comment section below.