In this week’s Heritage in Focus, Research Associate Morgan Roach discusses Southern Sudan’s independence on July 9th. Click here to listen.

Since Sudan’s independence, the North and South have been engaged in conflict.  After a decades-long civil war, and with the help of the international community, peace was brokered in 2005 .  Abyei, an area bordering North and South Sudan, is still a major territorial dispute. Neither side will give up claim to the region.  As violence and instability worsens, Abyei threatens a return to civil war. So what does Abyei’s future hold? And will Sudan remain an ongoing conflict, or will it get resolved? Furthermore, what role should the U.S. play?

Morgan answers those questions and more. Be sure to listen to the whole interview, here!

For more information about Sudan, check out the upcoming Heritage event, “Sudan: After the Split.

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