Each week, The Heritage Foundation highlights one of its nearly 300,000 Facebook Fans on its “Featured Fan” page. This week’s fan is Peter Redpath, Vice President and Director of The Federalist Society’s student division. Read his story, below, and be sure to become a fan of Heritage on Facebook!

Just after earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Dallas, Peter Redpath landed an internship at the National Journalism Center in Washington. The aspiring law student was out performing some tasks when he first heard of the organization that would later become the focus of his career.

“I was running an errand and I saw some literature about The Federalist Society,” Peter told The Heritage Foundation. “I was familiar because of [Heritage Fellow and former Attorney General] Ed Meese and his great debate with Justice [William] Brennan, which is now on our website, about originalism. It was my first exposure to the jurisprudence and principles of The Federalist Society, and was brilliantly articulated by Meese.”

“At issue is a way of government,” Attorney General Meese said at the D.C. chapter of The Federalist Society’s lawyer division in 1985. “A jurisprudence based on first principles is neither conservative nor liberal, neither right or left. It is a jurisprudence that cares about committing and limiting to each organ of government the proper ambit of its responsibilities. It is a jurisprudence faithful to our Constitution.”

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