A while back, we pointed readers towards Heritage’s official entry to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Rulemaking Matters! contest and encouraged others to submit their own videos. The contest solicited entries praising the sort of rampant over-regulation that marks much of government today, but we took a slightly different tack, explaining the harm that over-regulation can and has caused average Americans. The Hill reported yesterday that Representatives Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Pete Olson (R-TX) have joined in with their own entry:

Last month, after discovering the EPA contest by chance, Blackburn wrote to the White House demanding that the administration “instruct the EPA administrator to rescind the offer of prize money and dedicate the funds to a better use.”

Weeks went by with no response, so Blackburn, a fiscal conservative, opted to enter the contest herself, saying that if she won, she would return the $2,500 prize to the federal government.

“The only way we could get the money back to the Treasury was to enter and win, so [Rep.] Pete Olson [R-Texas] joined me in our video. We pulled it together, we submitted it and we are good to go,” Blackburn explained in an interview with The Hill.

Several other organizations have also submitted great entries, including the Competitive Enterprise InstituteAmericans for Prosperity, and Reason Magazine.