A college graduation is a great achievement that is the culmination of years of hard work, feverish paper writing, and the occasional all-nighter.  So when college students get to their graduation ceremony, they are usually greeted with a great celebration. They are also very positive affairs with well-known speakers giving a speech that makes it an unforgettable day. As well it should be.

Former Vice President Al Gore seems to have not gotten the memo. You see, he used a commencement speech at the University of Tennessee as a political platform and proceeded to give a doomsday lecture to the unsuspecting graduates about his predicted, dire consequences of global warming. Is that what people want to hear at a college graduation? You wouldn’t think so. Commencement speeches are usually positive focusing on the future, not fanatical end-of-world theories.

There is nothing wrong, in general, with Gore making speeches about global warming and what supposedly is, or is not happening, as a result of rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, but this was a sign of complete disrespect for the school and the graduates of the University of Tennessee. Not everyone in attendance agrees with Gore’s theories, and for those that didn’t, it could have ruined what was supposed to be one of the greatest days of their lives.

We’ll let Gore’s address speak for itself, but as you watch it keep in mind that his palatial mansion in Tennessee uses 20 times the amount of electricity that a normal family uses. What’s more, he wants everyone to pay dearly for a Renewable Electricity Standard that he certainly can afford. But those people graduating college and entering the job market in a tough economy may not be so lucky.