Tweet of the Week

Rasmussen Reports had an interesting tweet about Obama’s Health Care Reform legislation:

@RasmussenPoll: 60% Believe health care law will increase deficit, 58% favor repeal…

Not only do 60% of Americans believe that health care reform will increase the deficit, but 58% also believe that the correct thing to do is repeal the law.

Digging deeper into the numbers, of the 58% who want to repeal the law, 47% strongly believe that we should repeal it, while only 29% strongly oppose repealing the law. Further still, only 19% think Obamacare will actually reduce the deficit.

Meanwhile, 57% believe it will increase the costs of health care, while only 18% believe it will reduce the cost. The majority was proven right earlier this week when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a report saying that health care costs would increase.

Perhaps the most telling statistic from the poll is the fact that 51% believe that the quality of health care will go down, while only 24% think it will improve. The bottom line to all these numbers is that the left tried selling us a bill of goods, but the majority isn’t buying it.