Let Me Rise

Last week the leftist majorities in Congress again rejected a bi-partisan attempt to save the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program from annihilation thanks to pressure from powerful teachers unions. The left is desperate to kill this school choice program because it is already showing proven success at improving academic achievement.

To help raise the profile of the issue, The Heritage Foundation is sponsoring a four-week ad campaign featuring 42 chalkboard-themed ads showcased along the Metro platform at Union Station. You can help spread the word by directing your family and friends to VoicesforSchoolChoice.org. There, they can watch Let Me Rise; a 30-minute film produced by The Heritage Foundation about the future of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program as told through the voices of the children whose educational futures hang in the balance.

In addition to our President, his two children, and his Education Secretary, almost 40% of all members of Congress have used their wealth to send their own children to private school. Why does the left refuse to give that same opportunity to D.C. school children?