border fence

1. There will be lots of positive measures in the bill that conservatives will support.

That does not matter. A massive amnesty will overwhelm all the positive affects of visa reforms, added security workplace enforcement , and even establishing temporary worker programs. That is exactly what happened when the same approach was tried in 1986.

2. The first thing we have to do is deal with the illegal population that is already here.

Wrong. Starting with amnesty will pretty much insure that none of the other issues get addressed. Once the “800 lbs guerrilla” is off the table the left will lose all interest in immigration and border security.

3. Legalization is not amnesty.

Wrong. It is. No matter how its portrayed-rewarding people who broke the law by allowing them to stay here lawfully will only encourage more illegal migration.

4. There is no alternative to amnesty.

Wrong a phased approach to implementing reforms will address the underlying problems driving illegal immigration-that should be first priority.

5. Conservatives are part of the party of NO. They have no compassion, no sense of doing what’s fair.

Wrong. Conservatives believe that America is and should remain a “nation of immigrants” But the challenge of illegal immigration must be addressed in a manner that respects the rule of law, protects our sovereignty and security and gets employees employers need to grow the economy.