A poll released today by the Washington Post appears to indicate support for a public option is rising. They claim a 2% bump in the last month means the public option has therefore “rebounded from its summertime lows and wins clear majority support from the public.” Inventive headlines aside, this poll actually indicates that disapproval for Obamacare has solidified.

Two months ago Obama began this huge blitz. He spoke to congress, [held] a primetime press conference, [he did] all five Sunday shows and he has not moved public opinion one bit. That’s the big story. The big story is that public opinion has settled in.

A veteran of the Hillarycare debate, Bill Kristol has heard this music before and knows how it ends. Despite a major address to Congress by a newly elected Democratic President with big majorities in both Houses, Hillarycare “didn’t go anywhere,” he said.

President Obama has the same ingredients today as the Clinton’s did in 1993 and Kristol believes Obamacare will also fail. “It’s unpopular and that’s the bottom line. The President has had months to pass it and he hasn’t.”