Sens. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and John Barrasso (R-WY) talk about the Medicare cuts used to fund Obamacare in the latest Senate Doctor’s Show:


President Obama has claimed that he will fund his new plan in part by preventing waste through Medicare. Cutting waste out of the system would be good policy. We are all for slowing the growth of Medicare, but those savings should be used for deficit reduction, not another entitlement.

Further, aside from the CBO estimate that this health care plan will cost $823 Billion, health care program estimates are always low. As Senator Coburn points out, Obamacare will lead to  a trillion dollar growth in government as the cost is paid for through higher taxation and cuts to Medicare.

Once again we are talking about more government control and less freedom.  Is it any wonder that opposition to the left’s health care proposals has risen to a new high: 56 percent (see this Rasmussen Report)?

Obamacare inevitably will result in bigger government. And, ultimately, we will all have to pay for it.