Senate Analysis

Wednesday marks the end of the fiscal year, which is significant since not a single appropriations bill has been signed into law. Combine funding the government, extending various authorization bills, finishing the markup of the Senator Baucus (D-MT) health reform proposal and introducing a global warming bill, the Senate appears to have “am extremely busy week” ahead.

Major Senate Floor Action

The Senate plans to spend significant time on the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill, which could be mired in fights over missile defense funding and the Administration’s strategy in Afghanistan.
To keep the government funded thru the end of October, the Senate is likely to pass a continuing resolution. Interestingly, the measure would hold funding for all government agencies at last year’s level, except for the Legislative Branch.

Major Senate Committee Action

The Senate Finance Committee will continue its markup of Baucus’ health reform proposal. Several other committee will also weigh in on the health care debate. The Small Business Committee, the Veteran’s Affairs Committee and the Special Committee on Aging will all hold hearings.

The Senate Banking Committee will hold two hearings on financial regulatory reform. The first will focus on Strengthening and Streamlining Prudential Bank Supervision, and the second will International Cooperation to Modernize Financial Regulation.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee will hold a hearing to explore the terrorist threat to the U.S., an important topic given recent revelations.