You may have recently seen Keith Olbermann of MsNBC’s “Countdown” mention The Foundry in his “World’s Best Persons” segment.  Then again, you may not have, since Countdown’s ratings are at their lowest levels since 2007 and running a distant third behind its competitors. (We saw it on HotAir.com) So just in case, we wanted to share the clip with you.  Apparently, Fox News’ Steve Doocy gave his viewers several great questions that were appropriate to ask their representatives at townhalls across the nation. Doocy said a “friend” sent him the questions, and Olbermann demonized him since the questions resembled five questions that Conn Carroll, Foundry editor and Morning Bell author, provided our readers on August 4. (For the record, Conn is not “imaginary”)

Well, we hope Steve Doocy’s friend did indeed get those questions here and pass them along, since The Foundry, The Morning Bell newsletter and The Heritage Foundation are respected leading sources for fact based research and analysis and a trusted resource during our current health care debate. In fact, we hope cable personalities, including Mr. Olbermann, use the valuable insight of think tanks to their benefit more often. At the end of his clip, Olbermann mocks Steve Doocy for having a friend in a website. Well Mr. Olbermann, we are proud to call our readers our friends. On your next show you should challenge your friends to answer those five questions. Sign up for the Morning Bell here.