Late last month the conservative blog Verum Serum posted a video of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) telling a single payer health care rally: “I know many of you here today are single payer advocates and so am I … and those of us who are pushing for a public health insurance don’t disagree with this goal. This is not a principled fight. This is a fight about strategy for getting there and I believe we will.” Watch the video here. … oh wait … you can’t!

BoilingWater media, who we assume was hired by Health Care for America to tape the entire rally,  has ordered YouTube to take it down. Why? Because when Verum Serum cut BoilingWater’s original 6:44 video to the highly relevant clip we later posted, it set off a political firestorm that has threatened to derail the left’s dream of a public insurance option … which Schakowsky admits in the video is really just a backdoor attempt to force all Americans into government run health care.

Fortunately other copies of the incriminating Schakowsky video remain. Watch one of them:


The left can try and suppress theis video all they want, but we will never let the American public forget what Schakowsky admitted.