Is there any doubt ACORN has seriously undermined the credibility of elections in this country? Attempting to downplay the damage ACORN has done to the rule of law, the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Doug Chapin, director of, a group that tracks election reform issues, said the skirmish over ACORN is part of a long-running battle between the parties, with Republicans demanding tougher rules on voter registration to prevent voter fraud and Democrats warning against efforts that could knock legitimate voters off the rolls.

“ACORN has become a rope in the tug of war between the two parties over voter registration,” Chapin said.

He said there’s little evidence to back up claims of massive voter fraud or voter suppression efforts this year.

Since when did avoiding “massive voter fraud” become the new standard? In close elections it only takes small-scale vote fraud to subvert the will of the people. Is the left OK with that? Further in the piece, the Chronicle reports:

Stephen Weir, the clerk-recorder and registrar of voters for Contra Costa County and the former president of the California Association of Clerks and Election Officials, said large voter registration drives often produce some false or duplicate registrations. But he noted that election officials have systems in place to make sure each voter is eligible.

They might have these systems in place in California, but Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D-OH) sure doesn’t. Forced by a court order, Brunner revealed this week that almost one-third of all new voter registrations in Ohio this year (200,000 out of 666,000) may be fraudulent since they do not match federal databases.

Thus the result of ACORN’s fraudulent vote drive in Ohio? Massive confusion on Election Day that will disenfranchise thousands of voters.