Reason Online has an article up this week titled “How Hospital Costs Ran Amok: Health care is an issue for libertarians” that concludes:

Polling indicates that health costs are often the third most important issue expressed by voters. Neither major party wants major change in the current system, but the topic could get TV time for Bob Barr and other libertarians.

While we are all too aware, and saddened by the fact, that far too many Republicans who call them selves conservatives have voted with health care lobbyists to protect established health care interests, it is simply not true that “neither major part wants major change in the current system.”

The Reason article sites a number of specific reforms that libertarians should support including “allow health insurance companies to operate nationally across state lines and offer selective coverage.” But not only is it conservative Republicans in Congress who have outlined plans along these lines, John McCain’s health care plan also seeks a major overhaul of our health care system. McCain’s plan would establish an alternative beyond employer-based coverage by making it easier for individuals and families to own and keep their health insurance policies without a tax or regulatory penalty and would enable them to purchase coverage across state lines to create a real national market.

We understand that libertarians may have plenty of other grounds to criticize McCain on (we sure have our own), but on health care McCain is advocating a libertarian vision.