A poll released by Zogby International shows that a strong majority (67%) of Americans favor building nuclear power plants. Republicans are most favorably disposed to nuclear energy (85%), with Independents not far behind (70%). Democrats, although less enthusiastic about building new plants, still have a plurality (49%) in support.

The poll also found that Americans want to build nuclear power plants more than oil, coal, or natural gas plants. A plurality (43%) of those polled said they favor nuclear power stations in their community over any alternative.

This poll suggests that the decades of propaganda from the anti-nuclear left has failed to terrify most Americans about nuclear energy. Americans understand that nuclear energy is completely safe and environmentally sound. Despite rhetoric about Three Mile Island, no American has ever died or been injured by nuclear energy. These facts seem to have been absorbed by the public and reflected in their good opinion of nuclear power.

Proponents of nuclear energy should leverage this growing consensus and continue to advocate the economic viability of nuclear energy. In a time where gas prices have risen above $4 nationally and electricity prices are running rampant, consumers are demanding affordable energy. Rapidly growing electricity demands will only make the problem worse without a broad expansion of nuclear power.