The George Soros funded Lancet study that put Iraqi deaths at numbers ten times higher than any human rights group estimated, was co-authored by Riyadh Lafta, an official for Saddam Hussein’s government who used similar data analysis techniques to undermine U.N. sanctions against the brutal Iraqi dictator.

According to National Journal, while a child-health official in Hussein’s ministry of health, Lafta authored at least two articles contending that U.N. sanctions were the cause of starvation deaths among Iraqi children. Despite not citing any data, Lafta wrote in the Iraqi Journal of Community Medicine, “We can conclude from results that the most important and widespread underlying cause of the deterioration of child-health standards in Iraq is the long-term impact of the nonhumanized economic sanctions imposed through the Unites Nations resolutions.”

Lafta’s talking points were so effective that Osama bin Laden used them to help make his case against the United States in October 2001. Referring to the sanctions bin Laden told the world, “A million innocent children are dying at this time as we speak, killed in Iraq without any guilt.” Good to see Soros and bin Laden both make use of the same ‘scientist’ for their propaganda purposes.