This weekend, an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas mob held a rally just outside the White House.

The protest was about much more than just the Biden administration’s policies.

They made a mess of the area, desecrated monuments to heroes of the American Revolution, burned American flags, harassed officers of the law—the very few who even arrived to do anything at all—and despite many wearing face masks, revealed the true face of their movement.

I don’t say “pro-Hamas” lightly here. Many were wearing Hamas headbands.

I guess they weren’t all explicitly or strictly pro-Hamas. Others also seemed to be fans of Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based radical Islamist terror group.

Most corporate media outlets tried to put the most sanitized lens on their coverage of the event.

Be assured if this was a protest for one issue or another favored by the Right, it wouldn’t be treated so gently.

Remember, we aren’t allowed to fly traditional “Appeal to Heaven” flags from our country’s founding now because some people at the Jan. 6, 2021, protests had them.

Speaking of American history, it’s important to note what specifically was targeted during the protest.

It wasn’t just ugly, brutalist federal agency buildings getting splashed with red paint. No, it was works of art, statues that are tributes to great men whose actions in life are the reason we have a free country.

One left-wing “historian” laughably wrote on X that the vandals, who defaced a monument to Marquis de Lafayette, were actually “evoking Lafayette’s legacy of revolutionary resistance.”

This is complete nonsense.

Lafayette was the proudest of Frenchmen, but he so loved and believed in the United States that he insisted on literally being buried in American soil, in “free soil.”

Lafayette’s casket was filled with dirt collected at Bunker Hill in Boston. His final resting place is in Picpus Cemetery in Paris, a graveyard reserved for only those who were victims or descendants of victims of the French Reign of Terror.

An American flag stands over the grave as it has continuously for over 150 years.

What did this weekend’s Washington protest stand for?

One of the phrases scribbled on a monument read, “Death to Amerikkka.”

Comparing the Hamas-supporting, monument-desecrating rabble to Lafayette makes me want to use language that I can’t publish here.

And what’s really the worst part of this shameful episode is that nothing was done while federal law was being flagrantly broken.

One National Park Service ranger stood “guard” at the feet of one of the vandalized statues.

In a video posted by journalist Andy Ngo, you can see and hear the officer being harangued as the protesters pelted him with trash. Some members of the mob were literally defacing the statue as he stood there gently trying to get the crowd to calm down.

Where was the lone ranger’s backup?

The Daily Signal asked the National Park Service about arrests and why security was so thin, but it didn’t respond.

My colleagues Tim Kennedy and Christian Lasval have at least part of the answer. The other rangers were busy carrying the symbols of the new regime, “our democracy,” at a Pride parade not far away.

It seems the people in charge had no intention of getting this mess under control.

According to The Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, not a single arrest was made despite the very clear, on camera violations of the law.

As many have pointed out on X, three teenagers in the state of Washington are being prosecuted with a felony for making skid marks on a Pride flag painted on a crosswalk

Yet, damaging statues in the district seems to come with no consequences. District authorities didn’t even bother arresting the vandals before sending them off with a slap on the wrist like they usually do.

The reason for this wild disparity in justice is obvious.

“We live in a world where left-wing paramilitary groups can just rampage and pillage our major cities with zero legal consequences because they come from communities that vote Democrat,” New York Post journalist Jon Levine wrote on X. “It’s as simple as that.”

It really is.

The party that wants you to believe that putting a presidential candidate in jail means that “nobody is above the law” will absolutely make sure that their activists, their people, can do as they please no matter the law.

When symbols of the old America get violated, they do nothing or even join in on the destruction through more “official” means. And when their new symbols aren’t treated with reverence, they will make you pay dearly.

That’s the message they are sending to the American people: Justice isn’t blind, it’s politically correct. 

It’s a trend that must be reversed if we, like Lafayette, would like to be buried in free, American soil.