A Daily Signal senior reporter became Amazon’s bestselling author for LGBTQ books after releasing her book last week.

With a five-star rating on Amazon, Mary Margaret Olohan’s “Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult” shares the stories of individuals who “transitioned” into the gender opposite their biological sex, later regretted it, and then began the process of reversing the effects of transitioning. 

“Detrans” surpassed gender studies scholar Judith Butler’s book “Who’s Afraid of Gender?” and a true crime novel about teen lesbiansim titled “Cruel Sacrifice” in Amazon’s “LGBTQ+ Demographic Studies” book section. 

Olohan has made numerous TV and podcast appearances to speak about “Detrans” in recent weeks. She spoke with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on his weekly news and talk show “Huckabee.” She also appeared on Newsmax personality Sebastian Gorka’s “America First” podcast, and on the Catholic news show EWTN News Nightly. 

Olohan told Huckabee that the stories of detransitioners represent “the strongest weapon in combating gender ideology.”

“I felt like it was really important to talk to the detransitioners — the young people who tried to do the unthinkable and change their gender — and put their real, raw stories in a book that can go out to the world,” Olohan said. 

Outlets like the Washington Examiner and The Daily Caller have written positive reviews of Olohan’s book. 

“Perhaps the most fascinating part of ‘Detrans’ is learning about the thought processes that led each of these women to question the choices they had made,” wrote the Washington Examiner’s Ben Appel.

Daily Caller Deputy News Editor Dylan Housman called Olohan’s book “one of the most powerful books anyone will ever read.” The descriptions of the procedures and the lies told to the victims “will make the reader’s heart sink and trigger a shudder,” he wrote.

Conservative figures such as Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire and Riley Gaines have posted on X promoting “Detrans.”

Gaines said she’s “learned so much” from Olohan “on this issue.” Gaines added that Olohan is “the reporter who first broke [her] story and helped [her] feel confident in speaking out.”

Olohan’s book also became Amazon’s top new release in “Government Social Policy,” overshadowing books like “The Truth About Immigration: Why Successful Societies Welcome Newcomers” and “Poverty for Profit: How Corporations Get Rich Off America’s Poor.” 

Top figures in the conservative movement are reading “Detrans.” Join the conversation by purchasing a copy on Amazon.com.