Some in the senior class of 2020 who did not have a high school graduation because of COVID-19 will now be denied a college graduation as well. 

Columbia University and the University of Southern California have canceled their traditional large graduation ceremonies due to the pro-Palestine protests on campus. Emory University in Atlanta has announced it is moving its graduation off campus to an arena due to safety concerns following protests on campus. 

As many Americans have experienced firsthand, a college graduation is often a family affair as parents and grandparents see the fruits of their, and their child’s, labors. The value a family places on graduation extends past political views—a sentiment that was humorously expressed in a recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch. 

In a mock news show panel interview, a reporter asks a group of three parents how they feel about the pro-Palestine protests on college campuses. Cast member Kenan Thompson, acting as a proud father of a Columbia University senior, first expresses support for young people making their voices heard but changes his tune when asked about his own daughter protesting. With wit and humor, Thompson depicts a father who feels strongly that his daughter “better have her butt in class.” 

When the father is confronted with the fact that he may not see his daughter graduate because of the protests, he exclaims, “Man, if she don’t walk, Columbia’s gonna be on the news for something else.”

Since the summer of 2020 and the death of George Floyd, Americans have become accustomed, and maybe even a little numb, to young people protesting in the streets. But the pro-Palestine protests are striking a different chord in the political landscape. Democrats and Republicans alike are being personally affected by a political movement rooted in anti-American sentiment, and they may be seeing behind the curtain of where the radical far-left’s agenda leads. 

On this week’s edition of the “Problematic Women” podcast, we discuss the ways the pro-Palestine and anti-Israel protests are affecting Americans and if the recent protests could have the opposite effect of what was intended and instead usher in a movement of patriotism and unity in America. 

Also on today’s show, the Boy Scouts is changing its name, and the big losers in this situation may be the Girl Scouts. Additionally, we explain why more young women are considering physician-assisted suicide. And as always, we’ll be crowning our Problematic Woman of the Week!

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