Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts encouraged America’s pro-life activists not to be downtrodden by recent pro-life losses, but to continue to fight on. “Democrat leaders are crowing, while too many Republican leaders are cowering from the fight,” Roberts declared in his recent speech at the National Pro-Life Summit in Washington, D.C.

The conference was dominated by pro-life students, and Heritage’s president spoke about the significant need for these “students for life.” He told them that they will become the next generation of parents, teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and even legislators and presidents who will be needed to promote a pro-life nation.

In his fiery speech, Roberts highlighted the fight the pro-life movement is facing for human dignity and freedom, saying that it is a fight not merely against a party or policy but “against evil itself.”

The left’s idea of human inequality—that some people count and some people don’t—doesn’t come from the media, the government, or even Planned Parenthood; “it comes straight from hell,” he said.

Watch the full speech:

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