A new campaign finance law helped Democrats to outraise and outspend Republicans in New Jersey’s November legislative elections, according to NorthJersey.

The Democrat-controlled New Jersey State Legislature passed the Elections Transparency Act in March that, among other things, doubled campaign contribution limits from $2,600 per candidate per election to $5,200 per candidate per election.


Democrats raised $10.8 million between June 24 and Nov. 24 compared to just $3.9 million raised by Republicans during the same period in the six most competitive New Jersey State Legislature races, all which ended up being ultimately won by Democrats, NorthJersey reported.

Top Republicans opposed the Elections Transparency Act because they saw it as a boon for Democrats as the ruling party controls legislation and the distribution of government contracts.

“To me, it was absolutely clear that this was not going to benefit Republicans,” New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Anthony Bucco Jr. told NorthJersey. “It was going to benefit the Democrats, because they’re the party in power.”

Every Democrat but one voted for the bill in the New Jersey Senate, NorthJersey reported. Three Republican state senators also supported the legislation.

Unions, traditionally supporters of the Democratic Party, benefited under the Elections Transparency Act, according to NorthJersey. PACs controlled by labor unions saw their maximum allowed donation increase from $8,200 to $16,400 under the legislation.

Union donations largely benefited Democrats in New Jersey during the 2023 legislative elections.

Democratic state Sen.-elect John Burzichelli, for instance, raised $127,000 from unions and union PACs, $35,800 more than he would have been able to raise under previous laws, according to NorthJersey.

Democratic state Sen. Vin Gopal, viewed as one of the most vulnerable Democrats in New Jersey, also benefited from the new contribution limits. Gopal collected the new $16,400 maximum donation from six union-controlled PACs, NorthJersey reported.

Democratic state Sen. Nia Gill, the only Democrat to oppose the Elections Transparency Act, said that “we must have reform based on the foundation of public transparency, reform that secures our elections from improper influence and expands access,” in reference to the legislation.

“This legislation, in fact, provides the opposite.”

Originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation

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