Baroness Caroline Cox has a long history of service in public office, but her passion for justice has led her not only to Great Britain’s House of Lords but to war-torn, poverty-stricken nations around the world. 

“The mission is to work for people who are suffering oppression and persecution in areas which are largely unreached by the major aid organizations like the [United Nations],” Cox says of the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, which she leads.

Cox, who joins this episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast,” says her organization intentionally goes where others can’t because the U.N., for example, “can only go places with permission of a sovereign government.” 

The work is “risky” but also a “privilege,” says Cox, who is an independent member of the House of Lords who served as deputy speaker there from 1985 to 2005.

“The majority we work with happen to be Christians because Christians are suffering a lot of persecution around the world today,” Cox says.

The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust also works with Muslims who are suffering in Sudan’s Blue Nile State, as well as with Buddhists in Myanmar (formerly Burma), she notes. 

On the podcast, Cox also talks about her fight for the rights of Muslim women who are forced to live under Sharia law in the United Kingdom, as well as her advocacy work for persecuted religious groups across the globe. She also describes the response in the U.K. to the Israel-Hamas war. 

Listen to the podcast below:

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