As mobs extolling diversity, equity, and inclusion violently attack Jewish and white students at K-12 schools and on college campuses across the nation, I regretfully write: Told you so.

In 2021, when I was still the science coordinator for Indianapolis Public Schools, then the largest public school in Indiana, I had seen the eerie effects of race-based education on the students sitting under it. 

I watched with horror as black students were told they always would be inferior because of systemic racism and white supremacy; white students were told they were responsible for the evils that plagued all minorities; and Hispanic and Asian students either were ignored or pandered to, depending on the day.

None of these racial accusations was founded on reproducible or quantifiable evidence, but the rage of Marxist philosophers like Herbert Marcuse and Paulo Freire, who claimed that a social or ethnic group’s oppression was because of the success of others. Such arguments ignore the history of the United States, a rising tide that lifts all boats via individual freedoms and the adventurously Abrahamic “American dream.”

No, historical data didn’t matter to teachers who were more concerned with social justice and equity than meeting the needs of students suffering from the consequences of fatherlessness and social media addiction. Instead, many liberal teachers hastened to the messianic cries of teacher unions that pushed critical race theory in the form of patently false historical narratives like The New York Times’ 1619 Project, in which Nicole Hannah-Jones simply made up entire portions of a narrative in order to paint the United States as a deeply racist place.

When I watched history and English teachers in dozens of classrooms tell students that those who didn’t take up the banner of decolonization were fascists, bigots, and Nazis, I made a prediction.

On Oct. 5, 2021, I sent these tweets:

Students are watching as many teachers paint political opponents as ‘white supremacists’ and ‘domestic terrorists.’ This teaches them that those who disagree are a serious moral evil, and that they are in danger. This will lead to mob violence, and it will be horrific.

If students believe that someone in their class who disagrees with them is a racist, terrorist, Nazi—and see the student continuing to live unchallenged—the only solution will be violent & intimidating force against the individual—for the sake of the group.

I cited a then-recent incident in which two white, male students were swarmed by angry, liberal students for sitting in a “multicultural space” at Arizona State University.

My call was echoed by hundreds in the education reform space who were witnessing similar, equally disturbing scenes playing out before their eyes—but to little avail. The beast of racial rage continued to grow as this poison festered under the Biden administration, which praised its new hires and appointees for their skin color and sexual preferences rather than for their qualifications and achievements.

Racial attacks increased in frequency and brutality as parents began rushing to pull their children from schools.

In March 2022, students at a Florida middle school faced battery and hate crime charges after police said they attacked white students “using racial taunts and slurs.”

This past February, elementary students at an Ohio public school forced white students to say “black lives matter” and beat those who didn’t.

The leaked manifesto from the transgender shooter who killed three adults and three children at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, was filled with a bloodlust to kill “privileged white kids.”

This kind of filth isn’t relegated only to white students. It affects other students from ethnic groups that Black Lives Matter chapters have described as “colonizers” as well.

Four 11-year-olds were harassed and received death threats at Manhattan Beach Middle School in California because they are Jews.

BLM and LGBTQ+ groups consistently echo ethnic-cleansing statements and voice support for Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization that raped and murdered about 1,200 Israeli citizens Oct. 7. 

On Oct. 12, an Israeli student was beaten with a stick outside a Columbia University library.

On Nov. 6, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst was arrested for allegedly hitting a Jewish student and spitting on an Israeli flag during a vigil for the more than 240 Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

On Nov. 10, two Jewish college students in Ohio were assaulted and a Jewish center near Ohio State University’s Hillel Wexner Jewish Student Center was vandalized.

These acts of violence have increased to the point that they’re costing students their lives.

Students at Rancho High School in Las Vegas posted a video of a fight on Nov. 1 in which student Jonathan Lewis was stamped and kicked to death by a group of 15 black students. 

Less than a week later, Jonathan died in a hospital. His father says he was beaten to death for confronting the assailants, who had stolen something from a smaller boy before promptly throwing the smaller boy in a trash can.

Conservative activist, commentator, and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey responded: “Disturbing how common this seems to be.”

Stuckey is correct.

Leading liberals, including those inside the Biden administration, appear to have little desire to condemn racism as a whole; they put effort only into cataloging and heaping scorn on crimes committed against Muslims or black individuals.

After the young woman who “identified” as a man slaughtered children in Nashville, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre warned against transphobia. After the surge in antisemitic assaults, Jean-Pierre warned against Islamophobia.

The White House hasn’t published initiatives against racial discrimination, equally condemning racism of any sort, but has chosen to decry only “white supremacy.” The White House hasn’t published a condemnation of antisemitism amid the greatest wave of violence against Jews since the Holocaust, but it did launch a full initiative against Islamophobia.

The Left has been carefully selective in the types of racism it endorses and decries—and our children have picked up on the message. These lessons they’ve taken to heart have already resulted in the assault and death of innocent students in just a few short years.

Children listen and learn when Teen Vogue writer Najma Sharif posts “What did y’all think decolonization meant? vibes? papers? essays? losers,” in response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks. Children listen and learn when BLM chapters praise Hamas’ slaughter of Jews as an “equal struggle” with that of black Americans.

I told you they would.

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