Black Lives Matter chapters in Indianapolis and Chicago are drawing sharp bipartisan criticism for praising the heinous actions of Hamas in its brutal invasion of Israel.

On Tuesday, the Black Lives Matter Indy organization retweeted a post from the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, praising “[t]he heroic Palestinian people” and their “right to resist their racist, white supremacist, land-stealing [Z]ionist occupiers!”

The allegations in the tweet are objectively false and grossly antisemitic. Hamas is not “resisting” Israeli aggression, but invaded Israel on Saturday via more than 80 holes in the Israeli/Gaza border wall on Simchat Torah, a Jewish holiday.

“Resisting” also doesn’t characterize the act of brutally raping families in their homes, parading naked bodies through the streets, or beheading babies and leaving their bodies in the dirt.

The accusations of white supremacy are unfounded, though Black Lives Matter chapters and activists often falsely accuse individuals or groups of white supremacy.

On Tuesday, Black Lives Matter’s Chicago organization showcased its support of Hamas by posting a depiction of a paratrooper with a Palestinian flag captioned “I stand with Palestine,” appearing to endorse the attack by Hamas, in which terrorists slaughtered innocent attendees of a music festival near the Israel/Gaza border.

According to a tweet by Andy Ngô, a senior editor at the Post Millennial, “A unit of Hamas militants used paragliders and hang gliders to launch their armed massacre of civilians in southern Israel. BLM, like Antifa, has long expressed support for Palestinian terrorism in the name of ‘de-colonialism’ and fighting capitalism.”

At least 260 people died at the music festival massacre.

California state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, condemned the Black Lives Matter Chicago tweet as “More advocacy for violence against Jews,” characterizing it as “sickening.” 

However, Wiener endorsed Black Lives Matter at least twice in the past three years—when San Francisco created a BLM plaza and when he encouraged BLM to do more than sloganeering: “It’s also a danger on the Left, where the symbols of progressivism are often preferred to the sacrifices and risks those ideals demand.” 

Mia Cathell, an investigative reporter for, described Black Lives Matter Chicago as “a terrorist organization [supporting] a terrorist organization.” 

Brian Krassenstein, a left-wing journalist, lambasted Black Lives Matter Chicago for “[posting] a series of graphical cartoons [on their Facebook page] which try to normalize and rationalize what Hamas Terrorists have done to innocent men, women and children in Israel.”

After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020, Black Lives Matters protests turned into violent and destructive riots across the United States. Buildings were burned down via mob arson in Kenosha, Wisconsin; Minneapolis; Indianapolis; Chicago; and elsewhere.

These same groups were given time in our public schools—where students were implored to listen to these valiant heroes because their “white privilege” had spurred these victims to seek justice. That’s what I observed as the science coordinator at Indianapolis Public Schools, where middle school students at Butler Lab 60 were required to listen to Black Lives Matter Indianapolis co-founder Kyra Harvey tell them that crime was made up by white people in order to arrest and “round up” black people. 

Harvey now works for Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, a Democrat, as a “tenant navigator,” a job the city of Indianapolis describes as involving someone who “helps renters avoid eviction.” 

Black Lives Matter Indianapolis is hosting a rally in support of Hamas at Monument Circle in Indianapolis at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, according to WIBC-FM radio there.

Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy for The Heritage Foundation, doesn’t consider the BLM leaders’ comments surprising in the least.

BLM was created by hard-core Marxists. It has always, from the start, been anti-Israel, which is a democratic, free, free-market ally of the United States, all qualities that make Israel the enemy for BLM. For Marxists, the end always justifies the means, so gang rapes, beheaded babies, and entire communities slaughtered, mean nothing.

(The Daily Signal is the news outlet of The Heritage Foundation.)

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, a national organization, released a statement in solidarity with “Palestine.” The statement drew parallels between “mass incarceration” and the terrorist state in Gaza. BLM Grassroots intoned “clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people.”

Black Lives Matter chapters’ endorsing the horrific violence and evil we’re witnessing in Israel right now prove one thing: Many leftist racial advocacy groups are willing to commit whatever atrocities are necessary in order to achieve their political aims. 

By castigating their political opponents as “white supremacists” and identifying their “challenging oppression” with the unspeakable cruelty Hamas is committing, BLM gives itself and others the green light to violently assault, rape, and kill anyone who stand in its path here in the U.S.

As such, It’s fitting perhaps that the logo of the website of Black Lives Matter Indianapolis enshrines the Marxist clenched fist along with the motto “By any means necessary.” 

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