As the war between Hamas and Israel continues, President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel on Wednesday following an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday.

“I think it’s important for any American president to show support for, and solidarity with, Israel in its darkest hour. I mean, this is the darkest day in Israeli history,” Nathan Sales, former ambassador-at-large and coordinator for counterterrorism at the State Department, said prior to Biden’s trip being confirmed. “In the 75 years that the state of Israel has existed, we’ve never seen bloodshed and violence like this.”

“In fact, it’s the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust,” said Sales, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. “Think about that. America needs to stand by our ally, our closest ally in the region and the only democracy in the region.”

Politico reported Sunday that Biden could travel to the war-torn country “as early as this week.”

“I think what I would like to hear from President Biden when he goes to Israel is ‘We’re going to change course on Iran. We are going to not just go after the tentacles of the octopus, the terrorist groups in Lebanon, the terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip,'” Sales said, continuing to cite what he thinks the president should say:

“We’re going to go after the head, the masters of this entire strategy. We’re going to hold them accountable as well. We’re going to deprive them of the resources that they’re investing in terror proxies to kill Jews. Oh, and by the way, to kill 30 Americans as well.”

Will he actually say that? I’m not going to hold my breath.

Sales joins today’s episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss how the U.S. can help Israel as the war continues, Iran’s history of supporting Hamas, and his thoughts on Biden’s comments during an interview with CBS that aired on Sunday night.

Listen to the podcast below:

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