A Columbia University professor says Hamas is responsible for the ongoing famine in Gaza. 

“It is in Hamas’ interest, as they have defined it, to actually create a situation of misery and starvation, rather than worrying about its population and making sure that its population stays safe,” according to Awi Federgruen, a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a global supply chain expert. 

The United Nations says there is a “full-blown famine” in northern Gaza, which has led to additional pressure on Israel to allow more aid into the region, but Federgruen says the problem lies more in the aid not reaching the people it is intended to help.

“A quick analysis shows that the amount of food that is coming in from Israel is absolutely plentiful to feed every single individual that lives in Gaza,” the professor says. 

In recent weeks, Federgruen says, food truck deliveries were slowed because “Hamas has chosen to send its rockets specifically to the crossings.” 

Federgruen joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to unpack what is known about the food shortage in Gaza, and Hamas’ role in blocking civilian aid. He also discusses the continued fallout from weeks of anti-Israel protests at Columbia University. 

Listen to the podcast below: