The Right must fight back in the information war waged by left-wing media, the editor-in-chief of The Federalist says, adding that conservatives should take their cues from how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis treats “false reporting.”

“Because they’re combining with Big Tech to suppress conservative publications and outlets, we need to treat it like the information war it is, fund the information war properly, and invest in those people that are pushing against the fake news [and] who care about actually reporting real news,” Mollie Hemingway told The Daily Signal.

There’s nothing “mainstream” about corporate media, she said, adding that what she calls “propaganda media” works against average Americans by pushing radical ideology, suppressing information about elections, and more.  

“They do not represent the views of average Americans by any stretch of the imagination,” she said. “They support really radical ideas, whether they’re economic or cultural that the vast majority of Americans, and even—in some cases—the vast majority of Democrats, don’t share.” 

Woke media outlets use euphemistic language, such as “gender-affirming care” and “preferred” personal pronouns, to frame gender issues, Hemingway says.  

“What that means is actual mutilation of healthy body parts or permanent sterilization of the reproductive system. It’s a criminally gross type of thing they’re talking about, but they use these euphemisms to describe it,” she said, adding:

People who want to be free need to fight very hard to make sure that they use proper words to describe reality. 

Left-wing media outlets do not represent the majority of American women, Hemingway said in explaining the positive media coverage of, for example, the Equal Rights Amendment, which would erase distinctions between males and females.  

“When conservative women destroyed the first attempt to pass this Equal Rights Amendment, they warned that denying the reality of distinctions between the sexes would be a bad thing for society,” she said.  

Most women want families, Hemingway said. 

“I think younger women are more aware of how the early waves of feminism were this false promise of happiness,” she said. “Over the last six or seven decades, women’s happiness has declined as men’s happiness has increased relative to women’s happiness. That makes sense, because what feminism teaches is false. It’s a false belief that not caring for family and not caring about having a family will make you happy, and that’s just not true.” 

The media coverage of pregnancy resource centers, which provide care to mothers in need, is also malpractice, she added.

“They just don’t actually accurately report what happens in a maternal care center—how much of it is about helping young women in the early stages of becoming mothers, not just about helping them avoid making a decision toward abortion,” she said, adding:

Abortion is one of those topics that is among the worst in terms of bias and deception from the media, the language they use, the terms they choose. They are very committed to supporting abortion, and it shows. 

Heading into the 2024 election, she said, candidates should not treat the lying media as legitimate.  

“[DeSantis] refuses to treat them like they are legitimate, because they are not legitimate,” Hemingway said. “He won’t give them press credentials to allow them to blow up his events. He always questions the assumptions behind their questions. He calls them out for their false reporting.”  

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