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Dear Daily Signal: I’ve been keeping up with the news about local school boards, the progressive agenda for curriculum (originated and controlled by school board and now entrenched in many school districts), and the tyranny of these schools boards when parents and citizens question their policies. 

These school boards set rules for meetings that are not promulgated to the public and thus, through these rules, they can inhibit or prevent active, constitutional participation by parents and concerned citizens.

It seems obvious that because most voters haven’t placed much importance on the election of school board members, candidates often “sneak” themselves and their ideas into office. And, I believe, candidates often don’t even campaign, thus they don’t have to state their philosophies of education, their views on the appropriate curricula for students, or their political affiliation.

Most voters have no idea which candidate would best carry out their ideas and values for the proper education of children. I must admit that I usually do not even vote for school board members since I have no idea who they are, what they believe or whether they will be any good at the job. Their views, philosophies, and agendas are not published in their profiles in my local newspaper.

Now that so much attention has been given to this issue, I hope that school board candidates will be required by the voting public to be forthright and honest about their views and agendas. Perhaps the focus on current board members’ outrageous plans and tyrannical behavior will even result in some recalls.

It also seems obvious that those with radical political philosophies are recruited or, at least, encouraged to run for school boards because of the general attitude of voters that what they do is innocuous. Plus we have the voters’ lack of opportunity to learn more about each candidate’s ideology and plans for the school curriculum.

I am 84 years old, so this issue does not immediately affect me or my family. However, it is unbearably distressing to me that innocent children are actually being taught racism and being corrupted by radical sex/gender education. 

I hope that concerned parents and citizens will make it a priority to run for school boards so as to bring some sanity into the education being provided in our public schools. And that, with the help of the honest media, they will continue to expose the radical curricula and agenda of the persons who have been surreptitiously undermining the values of students’ parents and other citizens by indoctrinating children.—Elizabeth Corr, Naples, Fla.

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Dear Daily Signal: Matt Schoenfeldt’s commentary as a concerned parent about the use of a transgender activist’s video in a public school classroom, and assignments that openly advocate and push the trans agenda, is the best articulated pushback I have seen (“My Son’s English Teacher Showed a Transgender Activist’s Video in Class. Here’s What I Did Next.”).

If more parents were as concerned as Schoenfeldt and took the time to review their children’s curriculum and then follow through with meetings as Schoenfeldt did, it would be a great way to block and ultimately put a stop to any inappropriate indoctrination of our children and grandchildren—whatever the objectionable topic.

Way to go, concerned parent in Howard County, Maryland! Lead the way and show other parents how to protest civilly —without violence but in a balanced, articulate, respectful, and yet forceful manner.—David Peters, Horry County, S.C.

Dear Daily Signal: I was appalled to read Mary Margaret Olohan’s report on The Catholic University of America’s decision to display paintings depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ (“Catholic University Celebrates Painting of George Floyd as Jesus Christ”).

Was Jesus a drug abuser? George Floyd was. Do we have any evidence that Floyd helped others when it did not necessarily benefit him? Jesus did. 

There is much more to say, but where is there any comparison between the two? I truly adore Jesus, but don’t respect George Floyd enough to make him even faintly comparable to my savior. 

I agree that Floyd’s death was unnecessary, but that has nothing to do with elevating him to the status of Jesus Christ. I know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a son; I have been there. But the comparison does not hold.

Looks like I won’t be donating again to Catholic University.—Janelle Kavanaugh

Dear Daily Signal: I just read Rob Bluey’s article on Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears and her views on education, empowering parents, school choice, curriculum redirection to the basics, and meritocracy (“‘Education Lifted Me Out of Poverty’: Winsome Sears Wants to Reform Schools, Empower Parents”).

How refreshing to see Sears and Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s commonsense approach to improving student academic performance. We in Virginia are very proud and expect tremendous improvements.—Carol Beam, Virginia

On COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Dear Daily Signal: I agree with the comments of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in his interview with Mary Margaret Olohan on not mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for children, or anyone for that matter (“Rand Paul: Militants Pushing Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology Want to ‘Hold Your Kid Down and Give Them a Shot Without Your Permission’”).

It’s utterly ridiculous that President Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t taking into account that many have natural immunity because they already contracted the coronavirus.

Additionally, the serious consequences of myocarditis for young people and children should be enough to require studying the vaccine further.

We should be doing cost-benefit analysis of COVID-19 vaccines, especially in young people and children. Most who have contracted the virus have few symptoms and recover without incident. Why then risk myocarditis or other grievous conditions by mandating the vaccine?

The world made that decision years ago when the scientific community decided to stop giving the smallpox vaccination. Of course, it was felt that smallpox had been eradicated, and potential side effects from the vaccine could be devastating. The cost-benefit was clear. That is “science.”

What our country, and the world, is going through is not science but an effort to control people. The only real winners are Big Pharma and those who have a vested monetary investment in the COVID-19 vaccines.—Dianne Watson, RN


As someone in the “danger zone” for COVID-19 at age 65, I have little patience with calls for civility.

If folks cannot understand basic biological science and don’t trust anyone but their ideological soulmates, they are doing the equivalent of driving the wrong way on the freeway while drunk, endangering the rest of us.

I am sorry for spouses, children, and friends who are shocked and surprised by the fact that this virus is real and deadly. No death, especially as horrible as one from COVID-19, should be celebrated.—Eric Kelley


Finally, a federal appeals court has some common sense (“Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block to Biden Vaccine Mandate”). The Biden vaccine mandate for private employers is bureaucracy at its extreme.

Government officials have had over a year and half to come up with some recommendations, but all they can do is create crises to justify the Biden vaccine mandate. 

It is hard to believe that this will reduce anything, when all you have to do is watch a pro or college football game.  The stadiums are full, and when you see a crowd shot, guess what? No masks.—Philip G. Daspit, Florida

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