America is the most prosperous nation on Earth. But equality campaigners of today—armed with social justice rhetoric—insist that if a system doesn’t bring identical prosperity to every person, it must be torn down and replaced.

Thus, the raging strategy of the left seemingly championed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Burn, riot, crush, and destroy; then magnanimously promise to “Build Back Better.”

But here’s the rub: Absolute equality can’t be achieved by any system as long as human beings are allowed to exercise free will. This is a fact we must face.

Freedom Allows ‘Inequality’

Freedom allows people to be lackluster or magnificent, to fail miserably and to succeed fantastically. Freedom allows risk-taking and doesn’t exempt people from the consequences of their choices.

In other words, freedom allows inequality. If this is so, then is freedom worth all the ink and sweat and blood that has been spilled for it over the centuries?

For those whose top priority is equality, freedom is too alarming to risk. For those whose top priority is prosperity, freedom is critical. Manufacturing equality by way of socialist policies requires revoking freedom and usurping private property.

Theoretical socialism (or state-managed wealth redistribution) does not work in the real world because even if you give everybody the same portions of the same stuff, people will exercise their free will to use or abuse their stuff differently, which leads to more dreaded “inequality.”

Since free will cannot be fully subdued, it wreaks havoc on calculated equality initiatives that promise “equality for all.” Programs promising “wealth for all,” “education for all,” or anything “for all” should be seen for the freedom-sucking black holes they are.

Programs and policies like this abound because they sound good: No Child Left Behind, health care for all, housing for all, etc. But they never seem to work.

What does work is free-market capitalism. As highlighted in “The Pursuit,” a film produced by the American Enterprise Institute, capitalism has helped nearly 2 billion people pull themselves out of extreme poverty in the past three decades. Poverty rates in India have dropped dramatically since the adoption of capitalistic practices.

But despite these astounding successes, it still isn’t good enough for equality zealots such as Biden and Harris, who insist that any system that achieves anything less than absolute equality must be torn down and “built back better.” This is an impossible standard that will end in destruction rather than production.

Global ‘Equality For All’

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are a bold attempt at achieving equality on a global level. They are noble goals: Zero hunger (food for all). Zero poverty (wealth for all).

But these goals are impossible to achieve in absolute terms because of the unplannable variable of free will.

The U.N. seems to know this and, therefore, it is determined to stamp out free will and capitalist tendencies wherever it can. For it, the answer is, “Well, if free will is the problem, let’s get rid of free will.”

For instance, Sustainable Development Goal 4 calls for “inclusive and quality education for all.” There are those tell-tale words again: “for all.”

The U.N.’s Incheon Declaration is used to propel the global education “for all” paradigm. The document situates UNESCO and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as the education czars of the world and states that “free and compulsory” education is a “right for all.”

The cunning idea here is that people at all stages of life have the “right” to be compelled to receive globally directed education even if they don’t want it, or even if they fundamentally disagree with what is being taught.

This includes the youngest among us. The U.N. has implemented the “Global Education Monitoring Report,” which promotes at least one year of “free and compulsory” nonparental education for all young children before they enter kindergarten.

The report also supports implementing “compliance monitoring mechanisms” for all preschools to ensure “equity” in what young children are taught.

Interestingly, the Open Society Foundations, sired by billionaire financier George Soros, is a key funder of the Global Education Monitoring Report.

The Open Society Foundations apparently has an intense interest in what the toddlers of the world are learning and from whom.

Just what is it that the United Nations, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Open Society Foundations want the toddlers of the world to be taught? The goal is to provide them with a steady diet of “equality for all” rhetoric.

A 2018 document from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development called “Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030” says: “Children entering school in 2018 … will need to value common prosperity, sustainability and well-being” above other concerns.

It also says, “Curricula should continue to evolve, perhaps in radical ways” to get children to value commonality more than individuality or individual rights.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development further says: “The skills, attitudes and values that shape human behavior should be re-thought, to counter the discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family.”

The aim is to undo parents’ teaching within the family and reeducate children into ideal “global citizens” who will prize equality for all.

The organization also cites transitioning the world to a “new economic model” as a top priority. The new economic model being sold to children as being better than stinky, old, inequitable capitalism is global collectivism or socialism, dressed in the holy language of “equality for all.”

Massive machinery is in place to push this capitalist-loathing education on the children of the world (read more here) and to convince the rising generation to reject the very system that enabled the prosperity they witness in the world around them.

COVID-19 is providing the perfect opportunity to push global socialist objectives forward, and Biden and Harris seem eager to jump on the bandwagon.

But once you tear down free-market capitalism and all the prosperity, wealth, staggering innovations, boundless hope, and endless possibilities that go with it, it is impossible to “build back better.”

Because nothing works better than freedom.