USA! The United States women’s national team won its second consecutive World Cup. However, there’s also controversy: team members declining a White House invitation and co-captain Megan Rapinoe bashing President Donald Trump. We’ll break down all the drama, as well as the equal pay debate.

Also on today’s podcast:

—Elisha Krauss of The Daily Wire joins us to talk about topics ranging from feminism to fashion to what it’s really like to work with the one and only Ben Shapiro.

—We address a New York Times article that went viral headlined, “Do Americans Really Need Air-Conditioning?,” and whether or not air-conditioning is sexist.

—We cover the latest “Little Mermaid” drama about a black Ariel and the trending #NotMyAriel on Twitter.

—Lastly, we crown our Problematic Woman of the Week … Tiny Jag! Tiny Jag is a biracial Detroit rapper who dropped out of a musical festival after that festival tried to charge white people twice as much per a ticket than minorities.