Black radio host David Webb spoke out on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday after he was accused of benefiting from white privilege by CNN analyst Areva Martin.

Webb was interviewing Martin on his show Tuesday about diversity in media when she mistook him for a white male and said he had “the privilege of doing what people of color don’t have the privilege of.”

When Webb asked for an explanation she said, “David, by virtue of being a white male, you have white privilege.”

“Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I am black,” Webb replied. “You’re talking to a black man who started out in rock radio in Boston.”

Webb accused Martin of launching into a false attack against him and said she failed to gather the facts before speaking out. He also said there is no such thing as white privilege.

“We were on the radio. Which is what makes this really interesting to me. Forget tone, voice, being prepped, as I said to her. She immediately defaulted to an attack, which is a false narrative,” he told “Fox & Friends.”

“There is no such thing as white privilege,” Webb continued. “There’s earned privilege in life that you work for. There are those who may have a form of privilege that they exert on others in the form of influence. But this is about more than just what she said and the embarrassment and she should be [sic].”

He said Martin apologized for her behavior but also sold out her media team by blaming them for her failure.

“I have never done that to anyone that’s ever worked on any of my shows on radio or television. I would never do that. So frankly, they should consider why they’re being thrown [under the bus],” Webb added. “But, I have a question. Who gives you the wrong information that I’m white to come on my radio show? Think about that for a minute.”

Webb also said Martin likely made assumptions about his race due to his show being on a conservative radio station and presumed he was white.

“I talked about qualifications. I’d been through different genres in radio, as you know, rock, urban, hip hop, you name it. And I’ve been through different genres in talk. And it was because I did the work and that’s why I made the qualifications statement. But being on Patriot Radio with me and being on a conservative talk station, well, I must have been white, was in her head,” he said.

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