Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich accused Democrats of pushing illegal immigration to gain more traction at the polls.

Gingrich cited San Francisco as ground zero for the movement, where illegal immigrants are eligible to register and vote in local school board elections, in a Wednesday op-ed for Fox News.


“Pro-illegal immigration, sanctuary state-supporting Democratic majority in the state Legislature has no interest in enforcing the law when it’s being ignored by fellow Democrats,” Gingrich wrote.

He claims Democrats have a “long-range” plan to cement a permanent majority by stacking their voter base with non-citizens.

“The Californians who don’t support the radical views of Democrats can simply be eclipsed by non-citizen voters supporting the Democrats,” the article reads.

“This, combined with national efforts to abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has lead to a showdown between federal and state governments, with law enforcement caught in the middle,” Gingrich wrote.

“A sound immediate step would be for Congress to pass a law reaffirming that you must be an American citizen to vote in all American elections,” he concluded. “Let’s see how many Democrats would oppose this simple requirement.”

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