Editor’s note: Some tweets include adult language. 

The announcement of the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy generated a firestorm of reactions from the left on Twitter.

  1. Brian Krassenstein, a regular Twitter commentator who constantly calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment

2. The National Women’s Law Center


4. Dr. Eugene Gu, a a regular critic of Trump


6. Comedian Christian Finnegan

7.  Director Rob Reiner

8. Comedian Cameron Esposito

9. Actor Kevin McHale

10. Political activist and writer Holly Figueroa O’Reilly



13. A gun control organization

14. Netflix writer Ira

15. Former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor

16. Author and comedian Michael Ian Black

17. Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress’ justice editor



20. Freelance writer David Leavitt

21. Actress Eden Riegel

22. Style magazine writer Carla Sosenko

23. Tech writer Peter Bright