Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., slammed President Obama for being a clueless president when it comes to policy in the Middle East.

“President Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Graham told The Daily Signal in an interview this past weekend in Iowa. “He doesn’t understand the Mid-East. He’s miscalculated who the ayatollah is. The ayatollah is a religious fanatic.”

Graham and the majority of Republicans have been extremely critical of the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran. But Graham says the problem is much deeper than that. He believes that making major mistakes in Middle East policy is nothing new for Obama.

“The same commander-in-chief who’s telling you this is a good deal with Iran brought you the following: when he was told to leave troops behind in Iraq by his commanders, he pulled them out; when he drew a red line against [Syrian President Bashar al-]Assad and said you better not cross it. Assad did, and Obama will leave before Assad; he’s the guy that said ‘don’t worry about ISIS, they’re the JV team’; he’s the guy that said al-Qaeda’s decimated, bin Laden’s dead. He’s been wrong about everything. This deal is the worst mistake he’s made.”