We know you’re busy. And we’re quite certain you care deeply about the future of our country.

We care, too. We care about your communities, your families, and how Washington’s decisions are going to impact you.

More and more people are grabbing bites of news from mobile devices on the go—and they need a place where they can find digestible, trusted news on the most important policy debate of the day.

That’s why the Heritage Foundation team is excited to announce that we’re creating a digital-first, multimedia news platform.

After months of planning, on June 3 we will be repositioning and relaunching The Foundry as The Daily Signal. We will provide policy and political news as well as conservative commentary and policy analysis—in a fresh, visually rich, readable format for your desktop, tablet or phone.

We are committed to news coverage that is accurate, fair and trustworthy. As we surveyed the media landscape, it became clear to us that the need for honest, thorough, responsible reporting has never been more critical. That’s a challenge in today’s fast-moving world. And it’s a challenge we’re willing to accept.

We are dedicated to developing a news outlet that cuts straight to the heart of key political and policy arguments—not spin reported as news.

The Daily Signal is supported by the resources and intellectual firepower of Heritage—a dedicated team of experienced journalists to cover the news and more than 100 policy experts who can quickly help put issues in perspective. We believe this combination of news, commentary and policy analysis will establish The Daily Signal as a trusted source on America’s most important issues.

You may have noticed over the past few months that we’ve been ramping up our coverage of key issues. When we saw a crisis brewing in Indiana over the Common Core education standards, we put a reporter on the ground in Indianapolis to deliver an in-depth news story.

As religious liberty heated up this year—going all the way to the Supreme Court—our team produced news stories about families impacted by the health law mandate and compelling commentary and analysis on the topic. Our audience shared these stories nearly 200,000 times on Facebook. These stories helped explain a complex issue by confronting Heritage experts with tough questions that everyone was asking—in this case, about abortion drugs, individual freedom, and running a business. See how we put experts on camera.

We are dedicated to taking policy issues that affect Americans—no matter how wonky or complicated—and explaining them in a quick, shareable way. Infographics like this one make it possible to get key information about the Export-Import Bank and how it uses your tax dollars in just a minute.

Why is The Heritage Foundation undertaking this mission? We believe that high-quality, credible news reporting on political and policy issues is of paramount importance to an informed and free society. This is a reflection of that Jeffersonian notion that the greatest defense of liberty is an informed citizenry.

It is a privilege to lead such an important, innovative, and open-minded project for The Heritage Foundation. To our colleagues, to our audience, to the American people, we pledge to honor our commitments and expect that you will hold us accountable.


Geoffrey J. Lysaught

Robert B. Bluey