The Foundry’s Israel Ortega will make his debut on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday.

Ortega will join the show’s roundtable to discuss and debate breaking news on Ukraine, the missing Malaysian plane, 2014 midterm elections, 2016 prospects and the Keystone XL pipeline.

NBC’s David Gregory will host the show with roundtable guests Carolyn Ryan, Washington bureau chief and political editor at The New York Times; former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs; and Jon Ralston, politics reporter for The Las Vegas Sun.

Ortega joined The Heritage Foundation in 2007, and recently took a new role as contributor to The Foundry. He founded and continues to edit Libertad, a Spanish-language media site featuring conservative policy news and analysis.

In advance of Sunday’s show, I asked Ortega about the week’s news and his take on both domestic and foreign policy issues.

What does Republican David Jolly’s victory tell us about President Obama’s policy agenda in 2014?

Embracing Obamacare is a political loser. Democrat Alex Sink’s appeals to fix Obamacare evidently fell on deaf ears. It demonstrates just how difficult it will be for liberals to support the president’s signature legislative achievement, particularly in conservative states like Louisiana, Alaska, North Carolina.

Why should Americans care about Ukraine’s future?

Left unchecked, Russia’s aggressions will only inhibit our country’s own ability to defend ourselves and protect our national interests. The Crimean peninsula’s hostilities should compel us to rethink the U.S.–Russian relationship, starting by immediately withdrawing from the New START Treaty.

How do you think the Keystone XL debate will play out?

The president’s continued opposition to the pipeline is a head-scratcher. Why would the president oppose an opportunity to create jobs at a time when so many Americans are looking for employment? And, in case the president is looking for political cover, his former national security advisor and retired Gen. Jim Jones said the pipeline should be approved—as did the president’s former interior secretary, Ken Salazar.

Check local listing for airtime or visit The Foundry on Sunday to watch the clip.

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