Rebound131105Heritage Distinguished Fellow and former Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Kim Holmes recently appeared on Secure Freedom Radio to talk about his latest book Rebound: Getting America Back to Great.

Published in November, Rebound is already making waves and has been dubbed an “absolutely essential read” by talk radio host Frank Gaffney.

Rebound focuses on the movement in American societal structures and on the decay of traditional American values—from the progressive movements in the early 1930s with FDR and the New Deal to the anti-war, anti-America movements in the 1960s.

Holmes examines the individual choices and freedoms guaranteed to every American and demonstrates how Americans are allowing those inherent rights to disappear in order to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. The deep-seated message is that America is slowly become a nation of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” in people’s private lives.

The pride that Americans once had in their country is slowly dissipating and, along with it, the country is losing its position around the world. Younger conservatives now tend toward libertarianism: While many of them strongly oppose government intervention at home, they have little or no interest in American affairs abroad.

As Dr. Holmes notes, foreign policy and domestic policy are inherently linked, therefore allowing America to lose its grip on foreign affairs, as has been done in the talks on Iran’s uranium enrichment, will eventually endanger America’s ability to defend itself domestically.

The U.S. is still suffering from the consequences of the progressive movement of the 1930s, but all is not lost. It is still possible to get America back to great. To do so requires reaffirming the idea of individual responsibility in the American mind. Younger generations need to be taught what conservatism truly is; they need to understand the benefits of limited government and a strong national defense.

The size of government should be limited not only because a large interventionist government dwarfs individual choices and freedom, but also because it keeps people from realizing that they can do things for themselves, their families, and their communities—robbing them of the very spirit of self-sufficiency that made America so great to begin with.

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