The U.S. House’s rejection of the nearly trillion-dollar “farm” bill has prompted talk on Capitol Hill of separating the legislation into two parts: agriculture programs and food stamps.


But will members of Congress support the split? It’s a decision Heritage policy experts Daren Bakst and Rachel Sheffield put at the top of their list for reforms to the current farm bill.

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At last week’s Conversations with Conservatives, we got the inside scoop on what House members think about the farm bill’s failure and what to do next. Here are three key points:

1. A Step in the Right Direction

“[The current farm bill] is an insane system, and it has to go. I think we took a step in the right direction by killing the farm bill.” –Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA)

“Our leadership needs to take a lesson from this. … Start doing what is the right policy – the right conservative policy for America.” –Representative Raúl Labrador (R-ID)

2. Split the Bill

“I’ve never voted for a farm bill, ever, and it’s because I don’t support the idea of corporate welfare anymore than I do the idea of the kind of welfare that rewards people… to sit home and do nothing.” –Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ)

“[We need] legislation that will restore the food stamp, or SNAP, program back to its original mission, which is to provide basic food commodities to the truly needy. –Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA)

3. Stop Adding New Costs to Expensive Farm Programs

“Repeal the corporate welfare system that forces taxpayers to bear the losses of farm interests, while guaranteeing those farm interests a profit, [and that uses those taxes to artificially inflate the prices] families have to pay at the grocery store.” –Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA)

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