The Fall 2012 Heritage intern class with Heritage President Ed Feulner.

Are you a college student looking for an opportunity to make an impact in the conservative policy world? While the typical internship positions on Capitol Hill might involve fetching coffee, running errands, and answering phone calls and emails, The Heritage Foundation’s internship program prides itself in giving 60+ young conservative leaders the paid opportunity each semester to participate in real policy research and promotion through its exciting internship program.

Interns at Heritage work in a variety of positions in the domestic policy field, such as education, health care and economics, and many foreign policy posts, such as national defense, Middle Eastern or Asian studies. The program is not limited to those directly interested in domestic and foreign policy, however.

Students interested in coordinating special events, youth outreach opportunities, donor relations, administration, information systems, and online communication (to name a few) will find positions that best suit their goals at Heritage. Spanish-speaking students are welcome to apply for an internship with Libertad, Heritage’s Spanish site. Design students are encouraged to apply for a Creative Services position to use their talents to help spread conservative policies.

Interns at Heritage have the opportunity to assist in research and policy formulation affecting issues being discussed on Capitol Hill. In fact, the work that interns do is integral to the publications and outreach efforts that Heritage performs on a regular basis. Interns are encouraged to submit blog posts on topics about which they are passionate.

Blogging allows the interns the opportunity to build their resumes and improve their skills. Foreign policy intern Adam Gianella says:

Heritage has allowed me to be extremely flexible on topics I have chosen to blog about, and the blogging experience that I have received has been extremely helpful in my development as a writer.

>>>View Adam’s work here.

Heritage staffers take the time to genuinely invest in their interns, providing them with valuable learning opportunities such as career counseling and resume workshops. As intern Benton Howser states, “One of the unique aspects of this program is that you not only get to do work with highly qualified people in the policy arena, you also get to participate in educational lectures and experiences.” Interns have a variety of opportunities to attend conservative briefings and networking events, ensuring their ability to continue their careers in the policy world. The program also includes tours of the Capitol,Mount Vernon, and the Pentagon.

For any conservative college student passionate about formulating public policy, The Heritage Foundation’s internship program is for you. Adam urges, “I would encourage everyone with a conservative background to consider applying. It’s definitely been an experience of a lifetime.”

Applicants to the internship program must be rising juniors in college or older. Recent graduates and law and graduate school students are also encouraged to apply. Those interested in the internship program can find more information and apply here. The Spring 2013 semester deadline is November 1, so interested students should apply as soon as possible.

Lindsay Duvall is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: