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  1. The power of civil society – Ed Feulner, The Washington Times
  2. New State Laws Could Impact 2012 Vote – Sam Favate, Wall Street Journal
  3. The Best Countries for Business – Kurt Badenhausen, Forbes
  4. Former attorney general visits Hall residents – Ashley Fielding, Gainesville Times
  5. Democrats Tax the Poor With the “Durbin Fee” – John Hayward, Human Events
  6. Leon Panetta in Israel: Will his urgent messages bring action? – Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor
  7. New iPhone expected from Apple on Tuesday – Rachel Metz, Associated Press
  8. Congressman lambastes Chinese cyber-espionage – Ellen Nakashima and Jason Ukman, The Washington Post
  9. China warns of trade war if U.S. bill passes – David Stanway and Aileen Wang, Reuters
  10. Issa: USPS must shave labor costs – Bernie Becker, The Hill