Earlier this week we shared the troubling circumstances facing Dr. Martha Boone in the wake of Obamacare. Last night the Atlanta urologist appeared on Fox Business with David Asman to talk about the latest challenge for her small practice — a 27 percent increase in health insurance for her five employees.

In the interview, Boone explains the difficulties for doctors. Medicare is reimbursing less for her most common procedure, prompting her to move to a less expensive office in an older building. She also cut her own salary by 32 percent. That helped Boone avoid laying off an employee, but it might not stop the bleeding.

“Running a small business, I have a few options,” Boone explained. “I could have my [employees] be uninsured. I can lay someone off; I certainly can’t hire anybody. And I can consider stopping taking Medicare, which I really do not want to do.”